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Multitasking is Killing Productivity and Quality

By Manfred Gollent | Apr 2, 2020 |

It sounds so impressive when we claim proudly… “I am very good at multitasking!” It provides this notion of “can-do”, fast-paced, “dancing on three weddings at the same time” and puts us in awe about ourselves. Others might also look at us with great admiration! Yet we might also get stressed out about “having to…

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Employee Engagement: Are your people truly engaged?

By Manfred Gollent | Sep 25, 2019 |
Organizational culture is the foundation for employee engagement!

Why should you care about employee engagement? Your life as a business leader is likely hectic. You must deal with an array of problems crying for our attention, be it internal issues such as staffing, quality, and production problems or external matters like battling for the best talent, competitive pressures, and ever-changing governmental regulations, to…

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Compassion – the foundation of transformational leadership

By Manfred Gollent | May 24, 2019 |
Compassion in leadership

Attracting and engaging new talent is one of the most talked-about issues in the world of business. Both, attracting new talent and engaging people into the vision and mission of an organization points to the organizational culture and, consequently, the leadership. Compassion is a fundamental pillar for highly effective leadership; however, it may not always…

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5 Crucial Leadership Lessons!

By Manfred Gollent | Apr 29, 2019 |

It is fascinating to see how impactful basic leadership concepts can be! Mike Abramson, CEO of D1 Fitness wrote about his experiences in a minimum wage job at McDonald’s. In his article (published in INC) he indicated five key points which are critical in any consumer/end-user focused business with a substantial service component. These are…

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Millennial Leaders and Entrepreneurs are Here for Good, Literally!

By Manfred Gollent | Feb 10, 2019 |

Millennials tend to have a different view of business.
When I say “different,” I mean just that: different. I suggest that we all need to take a sabbatical from being immediately judgmental when something is different and ask good questions, reflect, evaluate and attempt to understand.

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Are you “generation-ready”?

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 21, 2019 |

Are you really ready to be an effective leader for the dynamics of a fast-changing workforce? What are the questions you are asking yourself to address the matter at hand? How are you leading a multi-generational work environment? Are you maximizing the potential outcome? It is all about generational leadership: inspiring and engaging a diverse, complex…

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Getting “It” Done – With OKR & SMART GAP

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 4, 2019 |

You have it, too. Right? That “It” project that’s been lingering around on your “To Do” list for a couple of months now? You know the one I am talking about … yes, it is that New Year’s resolution, that cool thing, that grand idea, that dream of yours, the one that you stumble over…

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Are You Ready to Maximize YOUR Leadership Effectiveness?

By Manfred Gollent | Jan 2, 2019 |

Envision the results and help your team to achieve them! It is now the time when many plans are hatched, objectives and goals are defined (and hopefully documented), and New Year’s resolutions are declared… The reality sets in when it comes to executing! Strategies and plans are the starting point, effective execution creates the results!…

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People “Listen” to What You Do!

By Manfred Gollent | Dec 10, 2018 |

Leading by example is a popular term in the conversation about effective leadership. However, what does it really mean? All leadersindependent of their “address” within the hierarchy actually do lead by example. Leading by example is a default position simply for the fact that people “listen” to the leader’s actions far more than they listen to the words. By…

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Attitude is Everything!

By Manfred Gollent | Dec 10, 2018 |

I would even say attitude is everything and then some… It is so fundamental! I wrote this article originally several years ago and it has only increased in its importance and actuality. At one time in the past, I read a little Native American story related to attitude which can serve as the starting point. Here…

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