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Our clients hire us to become the transformational leader everyone respects and likes

for passionately engaging their team towards shared goals,

for maximizing the desired results,

for growing the business to its potential, and

for creating organizational success benefitting all stakeholders involved!


What would it mean to YOU to become a truly effective, transformational leader?

Take a new path, accelerate your progress and move along an exponential growth trajectory with the guidance of a professional coach!

Collaborative coaching relationship

Contact us today and book a FREE call with executive coach Manfred Gollent Contact us today and book a FREE call with executive coach Manfred Gollent

Our Approach to Leadership Development

The Philosophy

QLI International offers the tools that lead to increased profitability, as well as meaningful and gratifying work. As no two groups or individuals are alike, there is no single perfect path. What we provide is truly an individualized coaching experience. While we utilize best practices, QLI will align your program to meet your unique individual, team and organizational objectives.

Your organization’s success hinges on the effectiveness of its leaders!

Increasing self-awareness, adaptive leadership, communication skills, and the ability to influence beyond formal authority enables the entire organization to reap the benefits.

Our customized approach is well structured and produces both the business results you need now and the personal transformation that drives future success.  We are aligning the development needs of our clients with the objectives of the organization. In the process, we provide a confidential, collaborative, and supportive feedback-rich environment where our clients can gain valuable insights while developing positive new behaviors and habits.

Some of the challenges we help with:

Executive presence

Master how to project mature self-confidence, poise under pressure, authenticity, empathy, warmth, and strength. Acquire a blend of persuasive leadership competencies that inspire trust, enthusiasm, and buy-in.

Communication & interaction skills

Whether it’s a high-stakes meeting, a hallway chat with a colleague or a town hall meeting with the entire organization, failure to get the right message across can be costly in many ways. We support leaders to communicate clearly and confidently at every level of the organization, from the boardroom to the water cooler.

Conflict management skills

Recognize and manage conflict constructively, resolve disputes quickly. We help leaders develop the skills that build collaboration and common purpose, maximize employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Transitioning into new leadership roles

We support leaders to hit the (new) ground running and accelerate the mastery of the new challenges. From quickly analyzing new information and developing new competencies to building strong relationships across organizational boundaries, we help leaders create result in their new role faster and add value to the company from day one.

Increasing emotional and social intelligence

Considering the accomplishment of shared objectives, EQ matters as much as IQ. Acquiring and implementing the skillsets that drive success like team leadership and collaboration, how to build trust, influencing skills, managing emotions, resilience and conflict management are essential in achieving organizational results.

Corporate Strategy Development

We provide strategic planning facilitation utilizing the most current planning concepts (i.e. OKR) utilized by companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

Our clients are our ambassadors

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. As a client of QLI International, you will join a network of high-performing professionals who have taken disciplined action and achieved sustained results. Discover what others have learned and experienced through QLI International and founder Manfred Gollent.

  • “Manfred Gollent has been a tremendous asset to our executive team. Through a very well organized and systematic approach to leadership development, both my division and our executive team as a whole are speaking a different language when it comes to goal setting, time management, and the typical daily struggles of work/personal life balance.”

  • “Manfred Gollent earned my respect for his abilities as a coach the very first time we met. As a coach, Manfred skillfully navigates the difficult challenges of leadership, listens well to the needs and wants of his clients, and draws those working with him into a broader way of thinking.”

  • “Every once in a while someone comes along that just ‘knocks your socks off’ when you least expect it. That has been my experience with Manfred Gollent. Manfred’s ability to both separate and distill the ‘critical few’ from the ‘trivial many’ is a gift that can benefit you and your organization.”

  • “I have been extremely pleased with my association with Manfred Gollent. He definitely delivers on his promise and allowed me the opportunity to work through some issues with his guidance.”

  • “We hired QLI International on three different occasions to work with various members of our senior management team as they grew into positions of leadership. The transformation over a 12-week period led to a tremendous increase in mentoring / coaching employees, increased revenues for all divisions as a result of better leadership, and an increase in confidence for each of the management team members.”

  • “Manfred Gollent has worked with more than 30 leaders in our organization. Manfred and QLI International gave us the tools to create the platform for a very aggressive growth phase over the next 5-10 years. A highly recommended consultant and partner for your company.”

  • “Manfred Gollent is a coach capable of drawing thought and creativity to the surface while intently listening to you. Manfred teaches the material, but will also challenge and inspire you beyond the words on the page. I highly recommend him to professionals and friends.”


  • “Manfred Gollent has the ability to cut through all of the disorganization and dysfunction of an individual, office or company and work with the parties to develop strategies and behaviors to help them not only better identify and articulate, but also achieve their goals.”


  • “I learned that being a leader is much more than just being in charge.”

  • “Manfred Gollent has at his disposal not just a significant amount of knowledge and experience, but some of the best processes and tools on the market. He never stops learning how to apply all of this to better for his client’s benefit.”

  • “Manfred Gollent has pushed our company to be more results-oriented while helping us create a culture of communication and accountability. His executive coaching is detailed and organized, yet personal.”

  • “I have known Manfred for a number of years through our participation in the local chapter of the Association for Talent Development and other professional interactions. I’ve always heard positive feedback on Manfred’s coaching, however, not until recently have I personally experience his powerful coaching approach. With my varied career interests and endeavors, his deep, reflective methodology has steadied the sometimes chaotic nature of my pursuits. In addition to supporting my leadership development, he has taken time to experience firsthand both Beer and Napkins and MESHSC initiatives and provide invaluable insights on growth. Manfred has the heart and mind for helping others.”

  • “We have just completed two projects with Manfred Gollent’s guidance. The first was a program for one of our group leaders within our firm. We have seen great benefits from the organizational skills he worked thru with her. Secondly, I personally benefited from my time with Manfred in helping me focus on the important things I need to be doing.”

  • “I have had the privilege of working with Manfred for the last 6 years. He is a masterful coach and facilitator. His first priority is his clients’ success and will do whatever is necessary to help them achieve their goals and objectives. We happen to be part of the same network and I have witnessed on numerous occasions his desire to share and help other business professionals thrive. Equally as important his has a fantastic attitude and a great sense of humor. I look forward to working with him for many more years to come!”

    Tammy AS Kohl
  • “Manfred Gollent is one of the most respected executive coaches with an unbridled desire to help people in both their personal and professional lives. He helps executives take a step back, look at the big picture, and gives them the tools to make meaningful change within their organizations. I regularly bent Manfred’s ear with complex business issues. He helped open the doors for real breakthroughs in my business and career.”

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