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Today, leaders face enormous additional demands engaging their teams in a (semi) remote work environment.

This can become incredibly stressful and often overwhelming. We help you with the tools and skills of highly effective leaders.





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Frustrated, overworked freelancer working from home office

Don’t YOU deserve to have the same foundation highly successful leaders possess?

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The collaboration with a certified, experienced coach will get you there.

"Every once in a while someone comes along that just ‘knocks your socks off’ when you least expect it. That has been my experience with Manfred Gollent. Manfred’s ability to both separate and distill the ‘critical few’ from the ‘trivial many’ is a gift that can benefit you and your organization."

Doug Brown

Chairman/CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC

“I learned that being a leader is much more than just being in charge.”

Derrill Hiott

Manager, Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety at Colgate-Palmolive

“We hired QLI International on three different occasions to work with various members of our senior management team as they grew into positions of leadership. The transformation over a 12-week period led to a tremendous increase in mentoring / coaching employees, increased revenues for all divisions as a result of better leadership, and an increase in confidence for each of the management team members.”

Steve Hall

VP Business Development, FGP

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